The New Rules of Marketing

The way you market your company is changing! The new rules of marketing will drive you to market your products or services much more frequently than in the past. Large campaigns such as direct mail, media buys, etc. are still an integral part of your marketing mix, but you have to be constantly marketing to your base and target customers. Social media and online marketing are providing this immediate connection. By identifying your target market - you can start building this relationship with both traditional and new marketing techniques.

This guide is just an introduction - a way to get a conversation started in your company or organization. Use it to start thinking about and developing a marketing plan. Establish an audience and start building relationships with them. Living in a digital world has its advantages - you can act on your ideas and start creating a dialogue with your customers almost immediately. It is time to stop thinking about how to reach your future customers and start thinking about how to get them engaged in your company!

Social networking, relationship marketing, online PR and creating a print to digital connection are just some of the new ways companies are connecting with their customers and prospects. The new rules of marketing require you to pull business in with information and content. Engage them, develop relationships and then convert them into customers!

Focus on what you know
Most small to medium sized businesses are so focused on the day-to-day operations of their companies that marketing almost “gets in the way” of what they are trying to accomplish during a typical workday.

Of course, no one knows your business better than you do... so building it has to start with you! Use this guide to get started (Click Here to get your FREE printed copy). But when you are ready to move forward - give us a call.

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